Schick Quattro For Women Trimstyle Razor & Bikini Trimmer

Electronics Personal Care Women's Electric Shavers

The Quattro For Women Trimstyle Razor & Bikini Trimmer from Schick is one of the best razors on the market offering a completely clean and close shave without having to pass over and over the same area. Whilst most razors have just one or two blades, like its name suggests, the Quattro has 4 thin blades that are set parallel to each other. These blades are also set near a conditioning strip of acai, jojoba and aloe Vera.


Your skin is left not only silky smooth, but also treated and moisturized to avoid developing a razor burn irritation rash. You can use this shaver both in water, such as whilst in the bath or shower or you can use it dry or with a shaving cream. The trimmer allows you to trim longer hairs in preparation for shaving or for a tidier style. The trimmer can be easily charged and is great for travelling.

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